What are the promises of the 12 steps of aa?

But, as all AA members know, it's a stinking idea. There are no buts, no buts about it. All you have to do is commit. Colby ended his part by explaining how grateful and serene he felt.

Then, when he finished, one of the veterans raised his hand and said Thank you for your story. And thank you for reminding everyone that if you work with a strong program, those 12-Step Promises will be fulfilled. Promise 1 affirms that you will experience new freedom and happiness. AA Promises are in fact “promises that the AA program makes when a person works the 12-step program to the best of their ability.

As you read the following, remember that these promises can come true if you only continue to nurture your recovery. Sometimes called the Promises of Step 9 of AA, the statements are technically part of Step 9, which it seeks to amend. The Big Book Promises mostly describe the change in attitude that will occur within the alcoholic, sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly. AA's 12 pledges are one of the cornerstones of the organization, helping countless people over the years recognize, accept and recover from alcohol addiction, one day at a time.

What this promise really means is that going through the process will help us grant some control and allow something that is greater than us to help guide us. The 12 AA Promises offer a list of lights at the end of the tunnel, giving you things to look forward to as you continue on your path to recovery. This, of course, depends on working through the Twelve Steps, which can be intimidating, strange, or uncomfortable at first. This statement essentially assures followers of the 12 steps of aa that the process will lead to a life free from the burdens of alcohol and addiction, and will end all the happiness that flows from that relief.

They remind us that it's okay to devote time to self-care, because that's the real first step towards a better future, for everyone. If you think you may be ready to make these promises to yourself, or if you want to learn more about the Ninth Step Promises or Alcoholics Anonymous, find an AA meeting near you. Looking at them one by one can help you keep promises, making them more effective for your recovery. We strive to provide information, tools and resources to work on a 12-step program (or any program that uses 12-step principles for recovery) in the simplest and most effective way possible.