Just For Today - December 1 Life's rewards

Understanding Life's Rewards: Embracing God's Will in Our Daily Lives

The Illusion of Unearned Success

In a world where instant gratification is often sought after, the idea of receiving unearned success like a new car, a significant salary raise, or academic honors can be tantalizing. However, these fantasies overlook the inherent challenges and responsibilities that come with such unanticipated success. Unearned wealth often brings complexities that we may not be prepared to handle, leading to more problems than solutions.

A luxury car, for instance, comes with its own set of burdens like high insurance costs and maintenance demands. Similarly, a substantial, unmerited raise in salary brings financial responsibilities and expectations in the workplace that one might not be equipped to meet. In academics, receiving honors without the actual performance can lead to a crisis of identity and credibility. These scenarios highlight the importance of being prepared for the rewards we seek.

The allure of unearned success fails to consider the essential growth and development that comes from working towards a goal. Being thrust into a position or owning something we are not prepared for can lead to feelings of fraudulence and incompetence. The journey towards achieving a goal is as important as the goal itself, as it prepares us for the responsibilities that come with success.

The Power of Praying for God's Will

The reading emphasizes the importance of praying for knowledge of God's will rather than materialistic or unearned gains. This approach ensures that we align our desires with what we are capable of handling. When we seek God's guidance, we are more likely to receive blessings that we are prepared for and that contribute positively to our growth and well-being.

By praying for God's will, we acknowledge our limitations and trust in a higher plan for our lives. This act of faith allows us to avoid the pitfalls of chasing after rewards that we are not ready to manage. It keeps our ambitions in check and aligns them with our true capabilities and the path that God has laid out for us.

Trusting in God's plan requires patience and faith, but it ensures that the rewards we receive are the ones we are equipped to handle. This approach to life and prayer helps us to grow at a pace that is right for us, avoiding the unnecessary stress and challenges that come from unearned or premature success.

Living with the Consequences in the Real World

The reading highlights the importance of being able to live with the consequences of our actions and rewards in the real world. This means understanding that every reward or success comes with its own set of challenges and responsibilities. Being prepared for these realities is crucial for long-term success and personal growth.

The key to a fulfilling life is finding the balance between our desires and our capabilities. It's about striving for success while being aware of our readiness to handle the outcomes. This balance ensures that we grow steadily, without being overwhelmed by the burdens of unearned success or unprepared achievements.

Ultimately, the journey towards achieving our goals, shaped by God's will, is filled with lessons and growth opportunities. Facing challenges and overcoming obstacles as we earn our success is what makes the rewards truly satisfying. In aligning our prayers with the desire to understand and follow God's will, we equip ourselves to handle life's rewards responsibly and with gratitude.