Just For Today - September 24th A Growing Concept Of God

A Growing Concept Of God

"Our perception of a Higher Power evolves as we journey through recovery. While initial beliefs might be finite, with time, we realize the infinite love and care the universe has to offer. Embracing this ever-expanding understanding of a loving force greater than ourselves becomes essential for sustained recovery and personal growth."
- Basic Text, page 24

The Evolution of Belief in Recovery

As individuals progress through their recovery journey, their perception and understanding of a Higher Power often transforms. The early stages might be characterized by skepticism or a limited belief, confined to the realm of staying clean. But as time passes and experiences accumulate, this understanding deepens, broadens, and becomes more profound. Embracing this dynamic concept aids not just in staying clean but in understanding life's bigger picture and one's place within it.

Overcoming Self-imposed Limitations

Initially, many might grapple with doubts about the capacity of the Higher Power. They might perceive it as a force with limited bandwidth, perhaps too occupied to attend to their specific needs or problems. However, the realization that these limitations are self-imposed is a breakthrough moment. When individuals let go of these self-created boundaries, they open themselves up to boundless love, grace, and care, realizing that the universe's nurturing power knows no bounds.

Shared Faith: A Universal Bond

One of the most beautiful aspects of recovery communities worldwide is the shared faith in a loving Higher Power. While each person's understanding and relationship with this power might differ, the core belief in its infinite love and care is universal. This collective faith acts as a foundation, providing strength, hope, and unity to recovering addicts, helping them navigate challenges and celebrate milestones together.

Just for today: I embrace and trust in the ever-growing understanding of my Higher Power, knowing it surpasses any challenge I face.