Is there a 12 step program for food addiction?

These are almost identical to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), except that the substance of the addiction is different. In a 12-step program, people attend meetings with others who are also struggling with food addiction. Yes, there is a 12-step program for food addiction. There are 12-step programs for almost every addiction out there.

The 12-step concept seems to help addicts of all varieties. According to the National Library of Medicine, 12-step programs work when combined with other forms of therapy. With this in mind, a 12-step support program may be your answer to food addiction. When considering a 12-step overeating program, you should know who needs treatment for overeating, how this particular program works, and how it differs from standard 12-step programs.

The 12-step approach used by Overeaters Anonymous consists of 12 steps that are linked to a spiritual ideal. As you work through these 12 steps, you'll allow yourself to embrace ideals that range from honesty to humility. As you change your life to include these ideals or principles, you may find it easier to stop overeating. Ever since I shared this post in January about my experience with food addiction, I have been answering emails and direct messages requesting the program that helped me with my recovery.

Hannah Carra, LCSW, (former) Chicago site director, SunCloud Health therapist, provides information on how the 12-step program can help with community and recovery. Most importantly, in addition to the regular support offered through one-on-one contacts and group meetings, the program provides members with an effective means to perform each of the Twelve Steps in sequence, leading to a change in personality and a way of life that makes continuous and long-term abstinence possible. Kim Dennis, MD, CEDS, MD, medical director, CEO and co-founder of SunCloud Health describes the use of 12-step recovery to treat eating disorders, as well as a summary of how to find the right meeting. In the early 1980s, the FA program began to take shape in the context of Overeaters Anonymous (OA), another Twelve Step program.

Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FA) is a program based on the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). In 12-step programs for food addiction, the focus shifts slightly to how to eat healthy and refrain from eating in a way that is dangerous or feeds addiction. The common goal of 12-step programs for food addiction is practical lifestyle changes to curb addiction. Today, there are many programs that use a Twelve Step approach for people who have weight or food problems.

Many people describe success through a combination of counseling, therapy, and a solid 12-step program for food addiction. In future Instagram posts and videos, I will share more of my perspective and experience in a 12-step food addiction recovery program, as well as how I have continued to make food freedom a lifestyle since leaving the program.