What are the promises of celebrate recovery?

The Promises of Recovery offers hope to the alcoholic who is still struggling. They are the experience of the first 100 sober AA members. They promise freedom, happiness and a life without regrets. They promise an interest in other people and a change in attitude.

While promises are described in the AA program (and are usually read at most AA meetings), they can generally be extended to other 12-step programs, such as Narcotics Anonymous. Originally published in 1939, the Great Book of Alcoholics Anonymous details the 12 promises, which provide inspiration and hope to members working on their recovery. So, while the above rewards may seem out of place for those people, the following entries should look like the way in which the 12 promises and the 12 rewards are always linked together. When people place the 12 rewards on the 12 promises in this way, they often combine the Third Promise and the Fourth Promise.

The Seventh Promise marks an interesting point in the relationship between the 12 promises and the 12 rewards.